With the recent emphasis on the health benefits of the Mediterranean cuisine in general and the Lebanese cuisine in particular, many people are discovering and embracing the authentic Lebanese food. The awareness of this delectable cuisine has also inspired professional chefs and restaurateurs all over the world to feature exciting Lebanese items on their menus, not been aware sometimes of its true origin-Lebanon.
It is not only the variety, the passion and the healthy food that prompted the creation of this business but equally the history of the land of the Phoenicians –our ancestors- where this food started and flourished all over the world thru the creation of peaceful colonies based on trades and the respect of the local customs and way of life.
Also, it spread due to the proximity of the land’s geography since Phoenicia/Lebanon- is situated at the crossroads of the West and the East, as the whole country is situated on the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean where many trade roads have been established to exchange services and goods. The cuisine also was influenced and demonstrated by the language of the seafarer where the Alphabet was created; hence the naming of the dishes, which always meant something in the Lebanese language. Thus, many around the region adopted the way these dishes are pronounced, sometimes with some variations.
Claudine’s Kitchen is a family based business, located in Glendale, Arizona that features homemade and authentic Lebanese Cuisine. The making of our food is a state of harmony and love where passion and generosity meet to offer you always fresh and authentic taste. All the products are handmade, fresh with no preservatives.

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